Why should you choose me to photograph your property? Well, first of all, I simply love what I do. I’ve always been interested in architecture and have been taking pictures of buildings for as long as I can remember (Aristida, my better and incredibly patient half, says I like the fact that they don’t move!). I also enjoy my work because through it I've met some wonderful people from all walks of life. Any way, the enthusiasm that I have for the job means that I always give 110%. It doesn't matter if you’re selling a cottage or a castle, I will strive to provide you with the best pictures possible.


I've photographed literally hundreds of properties over the years, so have a very experienced eye for detail. I don't 'dress' properties with props as you might for an interior design magazine, but I am happy to offer advice and will help move furniture and general clutter in order to improve interior shots. As I work for several top national and international estate agencies and frequently shoot million pound properties, I'm required to have a very high level of professional indemnity and general liability cover. So with me you really are in safe hands.


When you browse some estate agency websites you'll notice that property photographers routinely photoshop blue skies into photos that were obviously taken in inclement weather. You'll often see a lovely blue sky in the background but lots of puddles in the foreground. Some photographers even use the exact same sky for every single photo! Unfortunately, such practices don't show your property at its best. While it may be possible to replicate a blue sky, no amount of photoshopping can ever reproduce natural sunlight falling on a gable end or lawn. Instead of replacing skies, I do things the old-fashioned way - I simply make sure I’m on site when it’s sunny. Yes, I understand that this is Scotland, but actually modern weather forecasts are fairly reliable. I should know because in my previous incarnation as a Lonely Planet photographer I used to depend on very basic Met Office reports to plan photo shoots all over Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.


Architecture and landscapes are a passion and I always aim to cover all the bases, shooting a property from every angle, providing it’s interesting. I have the equipment to take elevated shots if a property is obscured by a high hedge or wall and with a rural property I always take time to explore any surrounding hills for potential vantage points of the house in question. As you can see from some of the examples on my site these often produce the best opening or cover shots. I use a Landrover Defender for work because I’m frequently instructed to shoot large farms, forests and sporting estates that would be impossible to cover on foot. I’m currently also investigating the possibility of using an unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial shots, so watch this space.

Please visit the Testimonials section to see what nice things previous clients have said about me. One couple even liked the photos so much they decided NOT to sell!

Why Use Me?

OK, here’s the hard sell.